A Bride’s 2020 Story Of Getting Married In A Pandemic

2020 has been a year to remember – for so many reasons! Not a human on the planet has been able to escape the far reaching affects of a worldwide pandemic. With so many plans, hopes, lives de-railed and delayed, we decided to circle back around with a few of our couples who managed to zig and zag their way to the alter to see if there were hidden gems and gifts along the circuitous path of getting married in a pandemic in 2020!

Meet Hannah + Jeron married in August 14, 2020



TSV: Tell us a bit about what is was like re-imagining your wedding because of COVID

Hannah: I think at first, we (especially me) were crushed at the thought of something that is supposed to be so positive and so full of love changing to become so very uncertain. The excitement leading up to the wedding had mostly changed to worry about what our wedding would look like and even more than that, if it would even happen. So we made the decision to postpone the wedding, naively thinking that by later in the year, we would have more answers as to how weddings could function during a pandemic. When the time came around for our second wedding date and we realized that nothing is ever certain, Jeron and I made the decision that no matter the situation or what we had to give up, we wanted to be married. We started to focus solely on that aspect, and even though there was still worry, we knew we were ready to make that commitment to one another, whatever that may look like. We were so blessed to be surrounded by so many friends and family (and vendors!) who supported us and loved us during that time; we even celebrated our first wedding date by having a few bottles of wine and escaping the world into our old love letters for a weekend. There is always good to be found in the midst of chaos.


TSV: What was the hardest decision you had to make?

Hannah: The hardest decision we had to make was making sure our guest list was under the gathering limit and realizing some guests would not be able to make the wedding.


TSV: What was something you weren’t expecting but ended up being an incredible outcome of holding your wedding during this time?

Hannah: When every plan you have made over a whole year falls apart, you realize that everything is so fragile. Food, desserts, dresses, flowers, decorations, music, invitations…all of the details that we spent so much time looking over suddenly became prioritized exactly where they should have been all along, behind the love we were celebrating and the people who meant so much to us. Although I never expected it, the most incredible outcome of having a wedding during this time was how instantly and clearly the purpose of the wedding came to light…it was the promises we were making to one another and the joy that came from recognizing the most important part of that day was our love, that’s it. So to sum it all up, the world could be crashing down and at the end of it you still have love. It’s important to hold onto that kind of love throughout life, it is the only guarantee.


TSV: How would you describe your day in one word?

Hannah: If I were to explain our day in one word, it would surprisingly be peace.


TSV: What would you couples who aren’t sure about adjusting their wedding during this time?

Hannah: To the couples who aren’t sure about adjusting their wedding during this time, you have to do what is right for you, but changing your vision may actually be the best thing you didn’t know you could do. That is the most beautiful thing about life; what we want for ourselves and what we plan for sometimes happens, and other times it doesn’t. And thank goodness it doesn’t always happen as we plan! Because the times it doesn’t typically end up being ones where we learn about ourselves, each other, and our world the most. It hurts sometimes; you can be angry, frustrated, devastated, worried (I was all of these things), but when the day came, all I felt was peace and grace and a clear knowing that I was truly blessed. Because everything happened exactly as it should have, even if we didn’t know it yet and even if it wasn’t what we planned.

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